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Are you a student with an innovative idea? Whether your idea is developed through your studies or simply is a great idea that you have developed on your own, we can help you to bring it further.

While studying you might stumble over an idea that you would like to develop, but you might not know where to start. Or who you can contact to get help.

BTO is the regional centre of expertise for innovation and commercialisation of research results. We believe that we can contribute to your innovative student project, and help you bring your idea to the market. Our main objective is to contribute to increased innovation in the Bergen region.

How can we help?

We offer an initial meeting for all students in Bergen who have an innovative idea. During this meeting, the idea will be discussed and the potential evaluated.

  • Is the idea new?
  • Does it solve a problem?
  • Who does it solve a problem for?
  • Does it have competitive advantages?
  • Does it have potential?
  • Is there a strong team with all resources in place?

The initial meeting is free of charge, and all information will be kept confidential.

After the first meeting, different solutions can be proposed depending on what is needed to bring your project further. The main services we offer to student projects are:

ACCEL Student

ACCEL is an intensive innovation programme that provides highly qualified assistance to students, entrepreneurial companies and established businesses working with novel solutions. The student program typically runs spring and autumn, and runs over six afternoons. Contact Nils-Eivind Holmedal for information about the next planned ACCEL Student program.

Facilities and incubation for student projects

Be a part of the innovation environment at Marineholmen while you develop your idea! Students can apply for admission to the incubator Nyskapingsparken, and have access to the co-working space T41.

Business development

We can contribute to the business development in innovative student projects. The need varies from project to project, but many innovative projects tend to focus mainly on technology. Our experience shows that knowledge within marketing and management also is critical for success. We can contribute actively with our competencies for the project team.

Help with funding applications

Funding is often important to bring the project further. STD-ENT is a program offered by The Norwegian Research Council, targeted at students with innovative ideas. The program is open for master students in their final year and for recent students up to 12 months after their graduation. You can apply for 1 million NOK for an innovative project.

We can contribute to your application in cooperation with your academic institution.

Read more about FORNY StudENT.

Practical information

Compensation to BTO for our services will be agreed upon individually for each project. Possible agreements can include equity, payment at fixed hourly rates or special agreements with your institution. The aim is to find a win/win solution that benefits both parties. Students will normally have all intellectual property rights to their project. This does not change even though you cooperate with BTO in your project. However, in some cases the institution might be entitled to ownership. This will be clarified in the first phase of the project.

Why innovate?

Have you ever considered the possibility to create your own business? Do you have an innovative idea that has been developed through your studies or on your own?

Innovation brings the world forward. Entrepreneurship is a possibility to realize a project that you have been working on through your studies. To create something new can be both exciting and challenging, and having an experienced team like BTO to help can make a big difference.