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Research tools

Do you have unique antibodies, vectors, animal strains or other research tools that are candidates for licensing? Make your unique molecular biology tools and techniques available for licensing at the Inven2 Biologics web portal.

Inven2 Biologics is a collection of non-commercial life science research tools such as antibodies, proteins, vectors, cell lines and animal strains. It allows researchers to promote their unique biological materials to a broader spectrum of potential collaboration/exchange partners and industry buyers.

Inven2 Biologics is an opportunity to take part in a new form of marketing and networking.

BTO has signed an agreement with Inven2, giving scientists at the University of Bergen access to register their research tools at Inven2 Biologics. BTO will help with product registration and be responsibility for marketing, sales, and handling of legal issues.

Researchers retain their rights to all materials registered with Inven2 Biologics.

Advantages of Inven2 Biologics

  • Availability: The platform makes your current and past research tools globally available to the entire scientific community in academia and industry.
  • Convenience: BTO takes care of preparing datasheets, orders and managing customers lists – so that you can stay focused on your research. You will only be notified when an order for your specific item is received.
  • Financial return: All revenue generated by the licensing of research tools will be shared according to standard rules applied by University of Bergen.
  • Non-exclusive terms: Ensure that no organisation gets a monopoly on supplying research tool(s). Researchers may distribute their materials freely to academic collaborators under a standard Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Please contact Malgorzata Barczyk for more information, or visit

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