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Protect your idea

Projects often have many potential legal pitfalls. We offer legal advice in all our projects to ensure that all your legal issues are taken care of.

We have a legal adviser on our team, and use external legal expertise when needed.

Legal Advise

Our legal adviser will help you and your projects through all challenges you may encounter, and offer advice based on your situation.

This might include:

  • IPR – who has rights in the project?
  • Freedom to operate – does the project have any underlying agreements that might affect its commercial application?
  • Conflicts of interest – how can we solve them?
  • Analysing potential IP and IPR – what are the possibilities?
  • Agreements and legal restraints – are there any challenges due to agreements and legal restraints?
  • Research collaboration – what should be regulated in these agreements to avoid future challenges?


Our legal adviser is involved in all agreements related to any of our projects.

Some typical agreements are:

  • confidentiality agreements
  • licence agreements
  • company establishment
  • investor agreements
  • shareholders agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements
  • financial agreements
  • agreements signed when your project is granted funding from The Norwegian Research Council, Innovation Norway etc.

Intellectual Property

If your idea or research results have potential commercial value, you should always take steps to protect the ownership of your intellectual property.

We help you evaluate your idea and guide you through your options. Until this is completed, all information about your idea should be treated with confidentiality to protect your ownership.

There are different ways to protect your intellectual property rights, which all serve different purposes.

You can apply for three types of protection at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (Patentstyret):

  • Patents
  • Industrial design rights
  • Trademarks

There are also other ways to protect your business idea, such as copyright or keeping trade secrets.

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