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Gründerpakken – Premarket Evaluation

Workshop room with sticky notes on the walls.

«Gründerpakken» is a program for start-ups working with physical product ideas. The program and its activities are specifically targeted to meet the needs for start-ups that has received the Premarket Evaluation grant from Innovation Norway, but start-ups and projects are of course more than welcome without a grant as well.

You got the grant – what now?

We help you get the most out of your market evaluation. We have an experienced team of business developers and product designers ready to support, challenge and contribute to your ideas, with the sole goal of making the right decisions towards success.

The Program

The program aims to provide the necessary tools to get the most from the market evaluation of the product. The toolbox we can offer includes workshops with business developers and product designers as well as access to Marineholmen Makerspace for making prototypes. Activities will be tailored to the needs of each start-up, based on your goals for the Premarket Evaluation phase.

If you make the decision to work with us, we will provide a professional environment and work with you and your team through the following steps (activities are subject to change to fit your project):

Step 1: Idea evaluation workshop


  • Set the premises for a successful Premarket Evaluation


  • We get to know the idea/product
  • Break down of product idea and business model
  • Work out and/or refine business model and concept
  • Establish framework for next steps in the process

Step 2: Prototyping Workshop


  • Produce a minimal viable product (MVP) for market evaluation


  • Sketching and mock-ups
  • Evaluate cost and complexity of physical and virtual prototype
  • Establish solution for MVP (physical or virtual)
  • Utilise the Makerspace for creating the prototype

Step 3: Market evaluation


  • Target market acknowledgement


  • Start-up meets the market presenting the MVP
  • Customer meetings
  • Visit appropriate event and fairs

Note: BTO is not involved in this step, it is up to you to get the most out of it and meet with your future customers!

Step 4: Conclusive Workshop


  • Summarize findings and make adjustments to business plan and product details


  • Lean canvas
  • Summary

What you get – in numbers

  • 3 workshops including a total of 60 h of support from advisors
  • 30 days free corporate membership at Marineholmen Makerspace (up to 5 people)

Additional offer:

  • 30 days access to a flexible work space within BTO’s start-up environment (reduced fee applies)

Price: 60.000 NOK

For more information and details contact Business Developer at BTO, Bjarte Horn.

Collaborators: Inventas, Marineholmen Makerspace og Bergen Teknologioverføing.