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– a national competence network for user-driven innovation in the health care sector

Do you want to help improving the health services in collaboration with health care professionals and suppliers, ensuring that innovative ideas will benefit patients and the society?

If so, InnoMed might be able to help you. They can contribute in different ways, and their main activities can be divided into three different parts:

  • Stimulation and anchoring of the concept of user-driven innovation processes in the health sector
  • Identification of areas with potential for new solutions through meeting places, preliminary studies and pilot projects in early stages and the start-up of new user-driven development projects.
  • Working towards becoming a competency network for user-driven innovation in health care through the testing of methods, development of tools and skills, networking and knowledge dissemination.

The objective is to contribute to increased efficiency and quality in health care through the development of new solutions.

BTO is responsible for managing Innomed in the region of Bergen. We handle both the specialized health care within hospitals and the primary health care in the municipalities on behalf of Innomed. Our close relation to Helse Bergen means we have a close encounter with the professional environment in the area.

Background information

InnoMed is a national competence network for user-driven innovation in the health sector. The network was established on assignment from the Ministry of Health and Care Services. It is financed by the Ministry of Health and Care Services (40 %) and Innovation Norway (60 %).

User-driven innovation is all about identifying and understanding the known as well as the latent needs amongst the users and how to use this knowledge to develop new products, processes and organizational structures.

InnoMed can help with some funding as a startup support in the early phase of projects.

Read more about InnoMed at their webpage.