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Funding and support

We help you obtain funding and support for your project.

There are several funding programmes dedicated to bridge the gap between research and a marketable innovation. An important part of what we do is contributing in funding application processes.

You are always welcome to contact us to discuss which funding programme may be relevant for your project.

We help researchers and entrepreneurs with all parts of the funding process:

  • considering different funding opportunities
  • preparing the proposal
  • writing the application
  • implementing the project
  • reporting

Funding programmes

Read more about the most relevant funding programmes for our projects below. In addition to these regular funding programmes, different funding opportunities are announced irregularly. We encourage researchers to contact us for more information.


InnoMed supports projects that use their competence and knowledge to develop new products, processes and organisational structures. InnoMed is a national competence network for need-driven innovation in the health sector. Need-driven innovation is based on identifying and understanding known and latent user needs. BTO is responsible for managing Innomed in the Bergen region. InnoMed offers collaboration with professionals and suppliers, as well as some funding as a start-up support for early-phase companies. The network was established on assignment from the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Read more about Innomed.


FORNY2020 is a funding programme that supports projects with high expected socioeconomic returns. The programme is presented by the Research Council of Norway and is aimed at projects and activities that verify the market potential of an invention, outline a commercialisation strategy, secure intellectual property rights and test the technology or create a prototype.

Read more about FORNY2020.


BIOTEK2021 is a funding programme targeted at research and development activities that need to make existing biotechnology research ready for proof-of-concept studies. It focuses on four cross-cutting areas: biotechnology and society, international cooperation, industrial development, and competencies and infrastructure. The strategy provides a framework for research initiatives at the intersection between social challenges, national competitive advantages and opportunities inherent in biotechnology activities. The programme is part of the national strategy for biotechnology and is offered by The Research Council of Norway.

Read more about BIOTEK2021.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is a funding programme that aims to secure Europe’s global competitiveness through increased innovation. Horizon 2020 is open to everyone, and focuses on getting new projects off the ground quickly to achieve results faster. The programme is EU’s biggest research and innovation initiative, and is seen as a means to drive economic growth and create jobs.

Read more about Horizon 2020.

Innovation Norway’s funding for start-up companies

Innovation Norway offers help to entrepreneurs and promising start-ups. This includes access to a broad business support system, including funding opportunities. Innovation Norway looks for companies that aim to grow and have established an innovative business concept that represents something new and significant in the market. The most important funding instruments are start-up grants, SkatteFUNN and IFO/OFO grants.

Read more about funding from Innovation Norway.

EU research funding

The European Research Council (ERC) encourages high quality research in Europe through competitive funding. The ERC especially encourages proposals that cross disciplinary boundaries, pioneering ideas that address new and emerging fields, and applications that introduce unconventional, innovative approaches. They support individual researchers of any age and nationality who wish to pursue frontier research.

Read more about EU research funding.

Venture fund for promising projects – Norsk Innovasjonskapital II AS

The fund Norsk Innovasjonskapital II AS (NIK II) is designed to ensure access to capital and competence to develop and realise value creation for early stage companies. The companies at NIK II are mainly selected from BTO’s portfolio based on two aspects: rapid growth potential and the need for financial instruments. BTO established NIK II in cooperation with Televenture, a leading venture capital company in Norway.

Read more about NIK II.

ERC Proof Of Concept grants

The European Research Council (ERC) provides additional funding to ERC grant holders. The funding can be used to establish proof of concept, identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for ideas arising from an ERC funded project. The type of high risk/high gain research at the frontiers of knowledge that ERC promotes often generates unexpected or new opportunities for commercial and societal applications. The funding programme is only open to researchers that have already been awarded an ERC grant.

Read more about ERC’s Proof of Concept grants.