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Why choose us?

BTO have a cooperation agreement with Haukeland University Hospital. This agreement states that all externally financed clinical studies planned at the hospital shall have BTO as the contract partner.

The agreement is based on the LMI (The Norwegian Pharmaceutical Industry Association) – RHF (The Regional Health Trusts) agreement of 2005, which states that all agreements shall be entered with the institution, and not the individual researcher.

We act on behalf of the institutions, and offer:

  • Years of extensive experience
  • Increased efficiency of the cooperation between the industry and the hospital
  • Great network at Haukeland University Hospital, in the pharmaceutical industry and with the Clinical Research Organisations

Why should you choose Haukeland University Hospital for your clinical study?

We offer you a well-handled cooperation with the hospital. We follow your study all the way – from the first contract is signed until the study is finalized and archived. This includes budgeting, and we relieve the research team with some administrative tasks to make your study as effective as possible. The research team can then spend their time on the actual clinical study.

Haukeland University Hospital has two great clinical trials unit, one for adults and one for children. They are staffed with GCP-trained personnel with long experience from early phase studies, and have well equipped premises for clinical studies. In addition, the various departments have well-trained teams that handle clinical studies in all stages – but primarily phase II to IV.

Haukeland also offers modern labs and equipment at all departments that might be involved in your study. Read more about the clinical trial unit at Haukeland here.