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Our services

We follow your clinical study all the way, from the first contract is signed until the study is finalized and archived, to secure that the study is completed as effective as possible.

This includes that we:

  • Map the study and collect all needed information.
  • Secure a proper and predictable collaboration in the cooperation between industry and researcher/hospital.
  • Coordinate and collect price estimates from the various hospital departments and set up a study budget.
  • Ensure a professional and efficient agreement process, including help with proposed agreement draft from the sponsor
  • Handle budget and agreement negotiations
  • Handle financial settlements during on-going clinical studies, including invoicing, reimbursement of study patients’ travel expenses and possible fees, allocation of research funds to the hospital etc.
  • Create a project account for each project, including project accounting.
  • Handle the financial settlement, archiving, the final settlement and close down the project account.