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Are you planning or working with a clinical study? Find some useful links here.


Are you working with clinical studies? There is a number of networks that can help you and inspire you.  

  • National Competence Network for Medicine for Children works to ensure that drug treatment for children should be appropriate and safe, and based on documented knowledge.
  • NorPedMed is the research’s network in National Competence Network for Medicine for Children. They aim to increase the number of clinical studies/PIP (Pediatric Investigation Plans) on children. They offer five sites at the main hospitals in Norway, that are GCP trained and specially trained in working with children.  
  • Nordic Health Research and Innovation Networks (NRI) is an independent, non-profit organisation working to promote health research and innovation in the Nordic region.
  • Nordic Nect is a cooperation between phase I cancer units in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • Nordic Trial Alliance is an organization initiated by NordForsk, and aims to make it easier to carry out clinical research in the Nordic countries.
  • Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines.