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Clinical studies

Are you a company or researcher in the process of setting up a clinical study and in need of administrative support? We can help you with administrative tasks, including budgeting and setting up an agreement.

BTO manages clinical studies on behalf of Haukeland University Hospital. Both industry and researchers planning clinical studies can contact us. We actively contribute to clinical research to help increase innovation.

We can help you to:

  • secure a proper and predictable collaboration in the cooperation between industry and researcher/hospital.
  • coordinate and collect quotations from the various hospital departments and set up a study budget.
  • create a professional and efficient agreement process.
  • handle reimbursements and expenses during on-going clinical studies.

BTO should always be involved as early as possible to ensure that the study can start as planned.

Please contact our advisers at for more information.

Submit a study

Would you like to submit a new study at Haukeland University Hospital or other study sites handled by BTO?

If you are a researcher, please contact us at if you would like to submit a new study.

If you are working in a company, please fill our the following form and submit it to

Value of clinical studies

Menon Economics has, on behalf of Legemiddelindustrien (LMI), prepared an analysis about the value of industry-initiated clinical studies for the Norwegian society.

The report shows that clinical studies increases the value for patients, society, researchers and the health service. The value is created through five channels; 1) increased quality of treatment, 2) increased capacity in the health care, 3) strengthened business development, 4) increased employment and value creation and 5) savings for the public sector.

You can find the full report here.

What is a clinical study?

Would you like to know more about what a clinical study is?

  • Check out the brochure that LMI made in cooperation with among others Haukeland University Hospital and BTO. The brochure targets the public, including patients, and was produced for the International Clinical Trials day 20th of May 2017. The aim was to get the public aware of the possibilities that clinical studies represents, and encourage patients to ask their doctor if clinical studies could be a treatment option. You find the brochure here (only in Norwegian).
  • You can also watch this movie made by Legemiddelindustrien to learn more about the process from idea to product.

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Our services

We follow your clinical study all the way, from the first contract is signed until the study is finalized and archived, to secure that the study is completed as effective as possible.
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Why choose us?

BTO have a cooperation agreement with Haukeland University Hospital. This agreement states that all externally financed clinical studies planned at the hospital shall have BTO as the contract partner.
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Are you planning or working with a clinical study? Find some useful links here.
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In 2015 it was decided that BTO should start managing clinical studies on behalf of Haukeland University Hospital.
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