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Biomedical Network

Biomedical Network is a network collaboration between Haukeland University Hospital, University of Bergen, Legemiddelindustriforeningen (LMI) and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO). The network aims to become a common platform for innovation and project development across academic and between public and private actors, supported by the Norwegian Research Council.

The network will put systematic efforts to encourage cooperation between companies, research institutions and researchers, focusing on diagnostics and therapy. Regular contact shall help to increase capacity and funding to promising projects, and will contribute to exploit the potential in academic environment with complementary expertise.

Key elements in the network are:

  • Sharing knowledge within the complete value chain with academic and commercial actors, and thereby increase the understanding of areas with research and commercial potential
  • Establish an overview of available competence, equipment and facilities at Haukeland University Hospital and University of Bergen
  • Set up academic meetings where researchers from the University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital and representatives of relevant industries can exchange updated knowledge on selected topics
  • Establish a good process for identifying new project opportunities
  • Give companies an opportunity to present their own research, innovation activities and projects in the pipeline, and thereby facilitate a flow of information about planned studies
  • Coordinate with national and international networks
  • Promote activities and participants in Biomedical Network
  • Facilitate for coordination and collaboration on projects that require substantial research, including EU programs

Actors that will contribute to the network

  • Clinical academic environments
  • Biomedical research environments
  • Researchers specialized in pathology, radiology and biochemistry
  • Resources within bioinformatics, pharmaceutics, mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • National and international medical industry
  • Departments for research grants and project commitment towards EU programs
  • Facilitators for innovation, including Innovation Norway, BTO, the Norwegian Cancer Society etc.


Steering committee:

Alf Henrik Andreassen (Head of Department, Dept. of Rheumatology, Haukeland University Hospital), Steinar Thoresen (Medical Director, Abbvie Norge), Anne Mathilde Henden Kvamme (Special Adviser, Haukeland University Hospital), Helge Ræder (Professor and Vice Dean, the University in Bergen) and Monica Larsen (Manager research, Legemiddelindustrien).


Jens Reigstad (Senior Adviser, BTO), Katinka Bratland (Business Developer, BTO), Line Bjørge (Professor/Consultant, University of Bergen/Haukeland University Hospital), Eli Nordhus Berglie (Medical Advisor, AstraZeneca), Per Øyvind Enger (Professor/Consultant, University of Bergen/Haukeland University Hospital), Hans Eikesdal (Consultant/, University of Bergen/Haukeland University Hospital) and Marie Botilsrud (M.Sc.Pharm, Ph.D., Medical Science Liaison Oncology).




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