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What can we do for you?

We help your project through all stages, from idea to a product or service.

Do you have an idea or invention that you think can be applied commercially? Are you working on an innovative project with commercial potential? Has your research led to any innovative methods, services or products? We have the competence, experience and network needed to take your idea to the next level.

Our main field is business development. This includes evaluation of the innovative and commercial potential of your idea or project.

We can help you with:

  • marketing
  • funding
  • patenting considerations
  • legal assistance during negotiations
  • licensing agreements
  • finding business partners
  • establishing contracts with existing industry
  • establishing new companies

We also take part in collaborations regarding applications, agreements and contracts for externally financed projects with innovative potential.

Business Development icon

Innovative research ideas

We help researchers and research institutions utilise their results in the market. Read more about how we can help you develop your idea.
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Funding and support icon

Funding and support

We help you obtain funding for your project. Read more about different funding opportunities and how we can help.
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Protect your idea icon

Protect your idea

We offer legal advice in all our projects, making sure that all legal issues are handled and that your intellectual property is protected. Learn more about how to protect your idea.
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Clinical studies icon

Clinical studies

We actively contribute to clinical research, thereby increasing innovation. Let us help you with your clinical study.
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Biomedical Network icon

Biomedical Network

A network that aims is to become a common platform for innovation and project development across academic and between public and private actors.
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Horizon 2020 HelpDesk

Horizon 2020 HelpDesk is a meeting arena where companies and researchers can meet both each other and advisers to develop their Horizon 2020 (H2020) projects.
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Research tools

Do you have a unique molecular biology tool, or a technique available for licensing? Through our agreement with Inven2 Biologics, you can publish it on their web portal. Read more about the opportunity.
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Incubation icon

Need a place to grow?

We guide start-up companies to help them grow in a faster and safer way in our incubator, Nyskapingsparken. We also offer shared offices at T41, Ocean Industries Accelerator and Media Startup Light. Find out more about our opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-up companies.
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We love to share our knowledge with innovative people, and offer workshops, courses and lectures. Read more about our programme, or hire one of our experts for your event.
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Are you a student with an innovative idea? Whether your idea is developed through your studies or simply is a great idea that you have developed on your own, we can help you to bring it further.
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Grunderpakken Ikon

«Gründerpakken» for start-ups

«Gründerpakken» is a program for start-ups working with physical product ideas. The program and its activities are specifically targeted to meet the needs for start-ups that has received the Premarket Evaluation grant from Innovation Norway, but start-ups and projects without a grant are also welcome.
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