Wellmend offers technology that reduces both down time and repair cost for safety valves with faulty control lines.

Down Hole Safety Valves (DHSV) and Annular Safety Valves (ASV) are mandatory in oil and gas well on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. These safety valves represent the first barrier for uncontrolled blow outs from the well, and if a valve is faulty or inoperable immediate attention is required. If rectification is not possible to perform, the well has to be shut down until the valve is fully operable.

Unproductive wells represent lost revenue, and repairing the safety valve is considered a significant cost. For offshore wells the repair cost can exceed 50 MNOK. The oil and gas companies are therefore actively looking for a solution that can both reduce the unproductive time and repair cost. The ambitions for Wellmend is to repair a faulty safety valve within a month from detected failure for less than 10% of the cost of today’s solution.

Wellmend AS is a company based on a technology developed specifically for the repair of such faulty control lines. The technology can repair leaking and blocked 4mm hydraulic control lines. The technology will be tested in 2017, and available as a service in late 2017/early 2018.

The project has received verification funding from the FORNY2020 program at the Norwegian Research Council, and has patents pending.

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