One2Touch is an embedded hardware and software engineering services company specializing in Near Field Communication (NFC).

They develop, engineer, manufacture and test the embedded software and hardware needed to run NFC powered communications. Their deep NFC expertise and continual focus on innovation allows us to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of our clients’ and partners´ products and services. By utilizing NFC, One2Touch is to date the only company offering a technology substituting Bluetooth for wireless keyboards.

One2Touch originally started out developing a patented wireless keyboard using low-cost components and own developed software. The company is based on an idea from researcher Torbjørn Aasen from Haukeland University Hospital, and the company One2touch was established in 2009.

Other projects

Tunnel opening and road.
Fiber Optic Tunnel Surveillance

In Norway there are annually 1300 breakdowns, 25 fires and 15 near-fires in motor vehicles. In many severe cases, loss of life has been avoided only by coincidence. The Fiber Optic Tunnel Surveillance (FOTS) project aims to improve traffic flow monitoring on roads, and particularly in tunnels, utilizing fiber optic technology.

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A person in front of a screen, working in the program from RPT
Rock Physics Technology

Rock Physics Technology is a digital oil service company delivering a new, innovative software for geologists and geophysicists exploring for oil and gas, called ENTER.

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Picture of the Hammertech team

In oil and gas production, produced water is a nuisance. Hammertech provides a new, innovative and cost-efficient water fraction detector that identifies water-producing locations.

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