Nano Lace – A new Lithography Method

NanoLace is is a novel technology that enables the production of microchips down to a theoretical writing resolution limit of 0.5 nm.

Such a lithography device would have a cost that is estimated to be at least a factor 7 cheaper than present technology and at least a factor 8 cheaper than EUV.

The new method

  • uses atoms instead of light.
  • takes lithography to the atomic level.
  • uses metastable helium atoms (nano-grenades) instead of high-energy photons to make the lithography patterns.
  • uses a new type of mask, based on a template of naturally crystalline nanostructured porous materials. The mask structure is created by partially filling the holes in the porous material according to the binary holography principle.

NanoLace is developed at the Institute of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen, and Professor Bodil Holst is its sole inventor. BTO is responsible for the commercialisation process. The project is currently supported by The Norwegian Research Council as a FORNY2020 (verification) project. We have a close collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The project is looking to start a dialogue with key opinion leaders within the nano lithography field and establish a consortium that promotes this method. This will place the method on the semi-conductor road map. In addition, they also need a partner to help us build the consortium and license the technology to global actors.

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