Industrial diamond reactor

An improved MPCVD technology for diamond coating.

Manufacturing companies worldwide are increasingly using more advanced materials that are lighter, stronger and have longer lifetime than their predecessors. However, the tools to process these materials are not sufficient, resulting in high costs for the replacement of tools and components. Current diamond coatings applied on these tools takes long time to grow, has impurities and are expensive.

The diamond reactor technology proposed in this project aims to scale up the diamond coating process and cover large substrates with higher quality and higher growth rates than competition technology. The solution is a radical innovation within industrial lab diamond growth.

There is a great need for strong materials in several markets, and we have therefore created a new way of making industrial diamonds. The improved MPCVD process (Microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) makes it possible to mass-produce diamonds at economically sustainable prices compared to the commercial products. Production takes place in our own reactor, leading to savings on both materials and electricity. This way we can create single-crystal diamonds for efficient coating processes that increase the lifetime of a product.

The project has international market potential for lab-grown diamonds in general. In Europe, the main market is cutting tools. Lab-grown diamond jewellery and diamond semiconductors are both new and increasing markets, especially in the USA and Asia.

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