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Every academic year we offer a comprehensive internship programme for talented and enthusiastic students. The students get the opportunity to work with us part-time alongside their studies, and their work tasks vary from market analysis, budgeting, business development, company valuation, communication activities and tasks related to legal matters.

BTO offers internships to 5 – 8 students every academic year. Most interns at BTO work as business analysts. In addition, we offer internships within other fields where needed, e.g. communication, student entrepreneurship and law.

We usually announce our internships in February/March, and they are scheduled to start in August the same year. The internships follow the academic year, and some interns also get the opportunity to work throughout the summer. The normal workload for interns is one day a week (20 %) and the internships are paid.

The internships will be announced on our website and at our Facebook page.

You are always welcome to contact us at if you have any questions regarding the internships.

Interviews with interns

Are you wondering what an intern in BTO typically do? Here is what three interns from the academic year of 2016/2017 have to say about their internship at BTO.

Erik Hellestøl (25)

Business Analyst
Master student, Business and Administration, NHH – Norwegian school of economics

Most of the interns at BTO work as business analysts. Their main task is contributing in making the project they work on move forward. The day-to-day tasks vary, depending on what phase the project is currently going through.

– It is easy to engage myself in the work, and the internship is a unique mixture of working independently and together with competent co-workers, to whom I present solutions to problems I have been working on, says Erik Hellestøl, one of BTO’s business analyst interns.

When working as a business analyst you will be given the opportunity to make use of what you learn as a student within different fields.

What has been truly exciting is the possibility to make use of theories and models from my studies when working on innovative projects with great commercial potential. I have been given challenging tasks that I have to solve on my own. Afterwards my work has been discussed and further developed with a business developer, who is always helpful and open to feedback. The internship has provided me with experience within innovation processes in a social and energetic environment. It has without doubt motivated and prepared me to start working when I end my studies.

Ingvild Rooth (24)

Communication Intern
Master student, Business and Administration, NHH – 
Norwegian school of economics

– A friend of mine came across the job announcement last year and thought this was something I would be interested in. I study economics, but I have experience with communication related tasks from student associations and previous internships. When reading the job announcement for the Communication Intern at BTO I was therefore highly motivated to apply. To me the internship represented a unique possibility to learn how the communication around innovation works, says Ingvild Rooth, communication intern.  

When working as a communication intern you will obtain great experience in writing both English and Norwegian. The tasks vary a lot, and may for example include writing and publishing content on BTOs website and intranet, and to follow up social media.

The most exciting about being an intern within communication is that I get the opportunity to learn more about the entire organization and all the exciting projects BTO is currently working on. My tasks vary a lot and two days are never similar, which I highly appreciate. In addition, I am often invited to different meetings in order to get a better overview of BTO and what we are currently working on when it comes to communication.

Vetle V. W. Seljestad (26)

Legal intern
Master student, Law, University of Bergen

– I really enjoy being legal intern at BTO, with so many great colleagues and exciting tasks and responsibilities.

This is how Vetle Seljestad describes his experience from being a legal intern at BTO.

– I have been given tasks related to corporate law, copyright and aquaculture and other areas of law. The tasks could be to orient myself in unknown areas of law, searching in sources of law or writing drafts for agreements, letters and notes. In addition, I have attended several events, lectures and client and cooperation meetings.

Vetle explains that the most important he has learnt as an intern is to ask the right questions in order to avoid spending time on unnecessary work. He explains that he has acquired efficient working methods for the sake of finding the relevant sources, and been trained in how to express himself in a precise way so that the content of the document is clear as crystal.