Space project won StudentIdé

High-tech mixed with creativity and «Reodor Felgen» will enable two students from the University in Bergen to shoot up their first satellite to space by the end of 2021. The project is so promising that the student company Dynaspace won StudentIdé.

Everyone could feel the anticipation in the air when five student projects competed to win the final of StudentIdé. Not that surprising, when there was a prize of 50,000 NOK from Sparebanken Vest at stake. In order to win, the students had to deliver a thorough presentation in front of 150 spectators and convince a jury that their project has innovation height, market potential and social benefit.

Dynaspace convinced the jury and became the lucky winner of the prize. The students from the University in Bergen are working on offering a new, more effective and cheaper solution to integrate gauges in satellites.

– Our solutions will streamline this process through small satellite platforms. This could lead to the possibility of shooting up the satellites and making different measurements from space, for a fraction of both the price and the time, Chris Skeie explained when presenting Dynaspace in StudentIdé.

The jury praised the project in its evaluation:

– It’s a brave team with international ambitions. It’s an innovative solution. It’s high-tech mixed with creativity and “Reodor Felgen”. We also argue that it may be Bergen’s answer to the moon landing, explains Hilde Indresøvde, the foreperson of the jury and General manager of Incubation and acceleration in Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO).

Hogne Andersen and Mats Fredrik Heigre are the brains behind Dynaspace. They have just completed their master’s in physics at UiB. Now, they get the 50.000 NOK from Sparebanken Vest to further develop their idea.

– The cash prize will be very valuable in the process of realizing our ambitious idea. In particular, we see the benefit of sitting in an incubation environment, and the money enables us to participate in the 2-year incubation program at BTO. The money will also help us to continue the important work of contacting customers and partners, says the two students who are already a part of the Innovation Hub UiB and Gründerhub.

Finalists of the year: A big span

Noor Hansen (University of Bergen) presented a project where blockchain technology will be used in property sales.

Hanna Kjøniksen (Høgskulen på Vestlandet) presented a new and exciting learning platform for students, teachers and guardians.

Preeti Agarwal (University of Bergen) wants to help people with muscle and skeletal disorders and is working on developing a digital platform for this.

Xenia Cappelen and Elin Lund Transeth (University of Bergen) presented Studentklinikken i Bergen, which wishes to provide a better health care offer for students in the city.

Facts about StudentIdé

StudentIdé is an innovation competition for students. The purpose is to stimulate entrepreneurship among the students in Bergen and support the student entrepreneurship initiative at the University of Bergen, Høgskolen i Vestlandet and the Norwegian School of Economics. It is Sparebanken Vest and Bergen Teknologioverføring that stand behind the competition. The prize is worth 50.000 NOK and the money is to be used to develop the idea further.

This year’s jury consisted of Hilde Indresøvde from BTO, Olav Baladin from First Tuesday and Michelle Sæther, winner of the very first StudentIdé competition and student at Høgskulen på Vestlandet.