Siva strengthens focus on finance and health

The Government and Siva strengthens innovation environments across the country through a new allocation of a total of NOK 14.5 million. Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) is one of five applicants awarded funding.

A total of 43 applicants participated in a national competition aimed at strengthening the country’s business gardens and incubators. BTOs efforts have been successful as we participate in two of the five initiatives that receive support.

Siva supports fintech initiative in Bergen

BTO has been awarded NOK 1.5 million to strengthen the incubator program Fintech room. The newly launched program is aimed at entrepreneurs developing innovative solutions for banking, finance and insurance.

– We are excited about the result as we know that the competition is hard. The Government and Siva have formed a model that supports BTO´s hub and node approach, where disciplines are located close to the industry and strong research environments, says Anders Haugland, Managing Director of BTO.

Atle Sivertsen, CEO of NCE Finance Innovation, is very pleased with Siva´s decision.

This gives us the opportunity to create a very good incubator offer together with BTO that will increase the number of new companies and jobs in the region, says Sivertsen.

Participants in the Fintech room program receive guidance from our mentors and business developers in a number of crucial areas for startups. In addition, the entrepreneurs get access to a wide network of research and development environments, investors, industry clusters and established business. Fintech room is a collaboration with the new fintech cluster NCE Finance Innovation.

– NCE Finance Innovation represents an industry that has a lot of power and force. The fact that the cluster has achieved NCE status in a record-breaking time is a sign that it has both will and execution. We look forward to the cooperation, continues Haugland.

Health innovation with international ambitions

BTO is also part of a national health consortium, awarded NOK 6 million to collaborate on building an international commitment in health innovation. BTO cooperates with the health incubator Aleap (Oslo), Valide (Stavanger / Haugesund), Norinnova (Tromsø), NTNU TTO (Trondheim) and SINTEF TTO (Trondheim).

– We look forward to a national cooperation. We strongly believe that this will increase the international opportunities for our start-ups. Many startup companies in the industry are based on research and this initiative fits well with the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital initiatives and their outstanding research environments, says Anders Haugland.

Siva believes in growth for Norwegian companies

The Siva incubation program is aimed at start-up companies in the early stages. Services provided are for example business development, commercialization and mentoring. Siva has 35 incubators and 40 business gardens in Norway which operate the programs. A total of 3600 companies uses the service.

– We strongly believe that these five environments will be able to help many more businesses forward with the help of the funds allocated. This is a boost for companies in health and finance, as well as being an important boost for developing more companies in Northern Norway, says Ingrid Riddervold Lorange, Managing Director of Siva.

Read more about the allocations on the Siva webpage (Norwegian only):

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