Gründerhub alumni launches “Sherlock Holmes” solution

Christian Braathen, a Gründerhub alumni, has developed a new solution that can make life easier for 600,000 Norwegian shift workers. The NHH-student has explored all the benefits that BTO offers student entreprenurs in Bergen.

Today, the Software-as-a-Service company Mycroft AS launches—a system that can evaluate millions of shift schedules in seconds, to identify the one that the manager and employees will be the most satisfied with.

– This is the Sherlock Holmes of shift scheduling, finding the solution to what managers nationwide feel is seemingly unsolvable problems, says Christian Braathen, founder of Mycroft AS.

To produce shift schedules that promotes health, safety, and performance at the workplace, the employees are asked simple questions about how they prefer to work. then distributes the shifts such that rules and regulations are respected.

Tired of glorified Excel sheets

Braathen was a shift-worker for nine years, where he realized that his managers were both frustrated and bored every time they had to make a new shift schedule.

– Doing some research, I found what I had experienced first-hand: that managers can not only reduce turnover and sickness absence, but also improve the performance, morale, and safety of shift workers if they provide great schedules.

– Then I discovered that the tools out there are more like glorified Excel sheets: they are inefficient and produce mediocre shift schedules at best. And I was tired of being the victim of these poor technologies.

Braathen decided to make a better system.

– A system that can give the 600,000 shift workers in Norway the shifts that they actually prefer to work while respecting regulations. You know how the saying goes: happy employees give happy customers. And every sound business-owner wants happy customers.

– That is why I am proud of launching today. And I couldn’t have achieved this without the phenomenal support of Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and Sparebank 1 SR-bank, says the entrepreneur.

Exploring student benefits

As a student at NHH – Norwegian School of Economics, Braathen used the benefits that came with it. Besides being a member of Gründerhub, ACCEL Student, he has also been a participant in the competition Studentidé.

–  I strongly recommend each and every aspiring entrepreneur to join BTO, to apply to Accel Student, and to take part in the four-month Gründerhub program—your soon-to-be-realized business idea will thank you for it, he continues.

You can read more about the services BTO provides for students here

Gründerhub was a remarkable experience

Christian Braathen was a member of the second Gründerhub cohort in Bergen. Gründerhub is a free, four month program, where the participants get the opportunity to work in our pulsating innovation environment, learn from great mentors, enjoy our big network and get access to important start-up capital. The program is offered by SpareBank 1 SR-Bank and Bergen Teknologioverføring.

– Gründerhub was a remarkable experience because the progress of my main project — the shift-scheduling service — skyrocketed during this period, says Braathen and continues: – For instance, I founded Mycroft AS, refined the competitive analysis, strategy, and market evaluations for the service, and I boosted my pitching and sales skills. On top of that, I built three times as many modules to in those four months than I had done in the previous two years — modules that now make me the best alternative out there for managers who want to save time and money producing shift schedules that the employees are satisfied with, says Braathen.

– I strongly recommend each and every aspiring entrepreneur to take part in this four-month program—your soon-to-be-realized business idea will thank you for it, Braathen finishes.

You can apply for the Gründerhub-program here

NB. The deadline for applying for the upcoming program is the 19th of September.

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