Digital21: Set the direction for the digitalization of business in Norway

The Norwegian government has established Digital21 to speed up digitalization. BTO will host an input meeting on 20th of March to hear business owners view on the challenges and barriers of digitalization.

The members of the Digital21 are organizing ten input meetings all around Norway to hear business owners view on the challenges and barriers of digitalization. Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) will host a Digital21-meeting in Bergen.

How can businesses develop and put new technology and competence in use? This one of the key questions Digital21 wish to get an answer to when they travel the country to gather information to the government’s digital strategy.

Digital21 want recommendations from businesses on the challenges and how the government can better facilitate for the business to be able to exploit the potential of digitization.

  • What competence is necessary?
  • What device should science have?
  • What regulations prevents change?
  • Is today’s technological infrastructure good enough?

Digital21 and BTO invite businesses in the Bergen area to give their inputs to which barriers that prevents them from digitalize. The meeting will start with a short plenary session before we discuss in groups. In addition to give your inputs, this is an excellent occasion to discuss digitalization with other businesses.

Time: Tuesday 20th of March, 09.00 – 13.00

Place: BTO, 2nd floor, Thormøhlensgate 52

Register for the event here.



Digital21 is a government-elected committee to provide advice and recommendations to the government on how to facilitate business development and utilization of new expertise, technology and research to digitize. The purpose is to create a strategy across industries and competence environments, where key actors support common goals and recommended measures.

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