500 000 NOK funding for pre-project with clinical studies

The 26th of October was the start of this years Design Thinking-program. The day after, Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) celebrated receiving 500 000 NOK in funding of their case study.

What is the Design Thinking-program?

Design Thinking: Strategic Design for Innovation, is a part-time multidisciplinary executive education program in Bergen. Coordinated by the Bergen Design Cluster: Human Innovation, in collaboration with Design Region Bergen, The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), University of Bergen Faculty of Fine art, Music and Design (KMD), Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Read more about Design Thinking here.

BTO are participating in the study with their commitment to clinical studies and Service Innovation. In their case they seek to find out how to redesign patients, relatives and the industries meeting with the health-care service through clinical studies.

In conjunction with this project they sent an application to get funding from InnoMed. The day after the program started, they received the news that they will get funding.

What is InnoMed?

InnoMeds goal is to contribute to increased efficiency and quality in health- and care sector through development of new products and services. Read more about InnoMed here.

Interdisciplinary preliminary project

The case is rooted with Helse Bergen, and hopefully the pre-project can continue with a bigger main project next year, together with Helse Bergen. The goal is that more patients get offered experimental treatment through clinical studies.

Different institutions have now joined the pre-project: Kreftforeningen, MS-forbundet, Stiftelsen Støtteforeningen for ALS, OsloCancerCluster, Legemiddelindustriforeningen (LMI) og Pårørendealliansen. The new Network for resarch in primary care service (primærhelsetjenesten), has signalized that they want to be in the main project. They wish to bring more health enterprises into the main project next year.

With very different backgrounds and experiences, there is an interdisciplinary team who will work with this case at the Design Thinking-study, for the next seven months. Tone Skår, senior adviser for clinical studies in BTO, wanted to learn the Design Thinking-method. She has also experienced how important clinical studies can be, when a close relative got experimental treatment through a clinical study on immunetherapy for cancer, and has a personal wish for others to have this opportunity. The rest of the group consists of Eirill Wiik, Ane Grønsberg, Anne Karine A. Monsen, Anette Mørch and Christine Hagen, with Frøydis Linden as a Coach. You can find the students here, and read more about the case here.

If you know anyone who have cancer, ALS, MS, or are a relative, and want to share experiences of meeting with the hospital – or have thoughts about how it should have been, you can contact the project manager.

What is Clinical Studies?

Clinical studies are about documenting effect and security of new treatment methods. It is also an examination of the different effects of drugs or medical technical equipment used on humans. For a new drug or equipment to be used, it has to go through clinical studies.

Read more about clinical studies here.

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