OPP – A celebration of Innovation

Innovation Week OPP 2017 was a crowd-puller with more than 3000 sign-ups for the 71 different events. – It's gratifying to see that so many contributors are present, to fill a week of educational, exciting and fun events, says project manager Hans Hag.

OPP in numbersThe goal of the new innovation week was to put focus on entrepreneurship and innovation – everything that makes the days more interesting, inspiring and fun. The topics included everything from food production to artificial intelligence.

The numbers tell us something about the growing support and interest in the innovation environment. During the week the organizers learned that people from different fields think OPP is an important arena to be a part of. With plenty of good initiatives, new ideas, products, services and projects in our region – OPP is a good arena to showcase the initiatives.

A yearly celebration, for everyone who works within innovation and entrepreneurship

The innovation festival was coordinated by Hans Fredrik Hag, from Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO). Hag, with his engaging presence, together with the OPP-team, made sure the week was filled with fun and inspiring events – something for everyone.

– It’s gratifying to see that so many contributors are present, to fill a week of educational, exciting and fun events. We want Bergen and our region to be the best place for innovation. For this to be achievable, we need participation and dedication from everyone within this field, Hag says eagerly.

If you feel like you missed out this year, or participated and liked it – don’t hesitate to join in on the fun next year.

September 2018 – Bigger, better, stronger 

– If I were to wish for something, then I want to see even more contributors in the calendar next year. I know there are many to choose from in our city – and we will do our best to lift their technology, products, services or projects up and running! In this way, OPP can help further enhance the environment for innovation, cooperation and development in our region, explains Hag before he continues:

– We have gotten positive feedback from the contributors, and have already started the planning for next year’s event. The plan is week 38, on the 17.-21. September, 2018. Save the dates! 

A big thanks to our partners City of Bergen, Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO), Innovation Norway, Nyskapningsparken, DNB, and Hordaland County Council.

Thanks to our board: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Q-meieriene, First Tuesday Bergen and Invest in Bergen.

The workgroup for the festival consisted of: Anders Haugland (BTO), Kathrine Marthinsen (Folkelig), Erlend Waaler (DNB), Per Arve Frøyen (Innovation Norway), Tone Hardtvedt (Invest in Bergen), Stig Rydland (The Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Elin Sjødin Drange (Næringssjef, City of Bergen), Jon Erik Vollan (Hordaland County Council), Olav Balandin (DiggEcard), Christina Sundli-Hardig (Q-meieriene/Kavli).

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