A celebration of innovation

September is a busy month for festivities in the Bergen region. As much as five festivals will take place at the same time, among them OPP Innovation Week. OPP is a newcomer with the ambition to highlight the value the rapidly growing ecosystem for innovation brings to the region.

You can read more about the cooperation between the festivals here.

OPP Innovation Week aims to inspire people to explore the possibilities within innovation and entrepreneurship. During six days (25th to 30th September), scientists, entrepreneurs, representatives from industry, government officials and investors will participate in events related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

OPP, an umbrella organization, facilitates for the local organizers to create their own events during the week. Thus, the subject, time and venue is up to the organizers to decide, resulting in a wide range of events covering all kinds of interests.

Innovasjonsuken OPP from Innovasjonsuken OPP on Vimeo.

Proud supporter

BTO is one of the initiators and is responsible for the coordination of OPP.

– We´re a proud supporter of the OPP initiative and we are looking forward to demonstrate how innovation contributes to value creation in our region. At BTO, we’re experiencing a record-breaking interest in our services from entrepreneurs and researchers with good and innovative ideas. OPP Innovation Week is an excellent opportunity to highlight these people and inspire others, says Anders Haugland, Managing Director in BTO.

– In BTO, we think it is of great importance for the region that research institutions, industry, government, investors and entrepreneurs meet and collaborate. Bergen is in a unique position to become the leading region within innovation and entrepreneurship, and OPP will contribute to create a competitive advantage for the region, Haugland continues.

Marineholmen and Mediekuben

In addition to supporting the project, BTO contributes with hosting several events during the week. One example is the excursion OPPlev Marineholmen (experience Marineholmen). At this event, participants will be guided through the exciting parts of Bergen’s innovation hotspot, Marineholmen, and participate in workshops, lectures and concerts.

OPP Innovation Week is also a great opportunity to invite to an officially opening of Mediekuben, our new incubator for media- and mediatech startups. Harald Schjelderup, City Manager of Bergen, will cut the ribbon. We have also invited international speakers to highlight the possibilities and challenges in the media industry. More information will come.

Are you interested in attending events during OPP? Would you like to contribute by arranging one of them? Please visit the OPP Innovation Week webpage for more information. https://innovasjonsukenopp.no/

OPP is a cooperation between BTO, DNB, Innovation Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality.

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