Students! Join our innovation program

Students who have an idea they would like to develop are invited to join our ACCEL Student program. Through a combination of meetings, homework and guidance, they can develop their ideas to commercially viable products or services.

In the ACCEL Student program the students is set to work with either their own or other students’ business ideas. The work is done through a combination of meetings, home work and guidance sessions, and the result of this might be commercially viable products or services. All attending students will receive a diploma.

ACCEL Student is an eight-week intensive program aimed at innovative student projects. The participants that qualifies for the program will have invaluable access to tool, methods and mentors.

BTO has organised 17 ACCEL programs since it was established in 2011. The program is popular and we have received great feedback from the 112 companies that have participated.

The program will take place in Bergen between September and November 2017.

Apply here before 1st September 2017

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Students working at ACCEL Student
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Students working at ACCEL Student
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