Launches Norway’s first media incubator

Mediekuben is the name of the new incubator situated in Media City Bergen, the new Norwegian media hotspot. Mediakuben will offer an international startup environment consisting of hard working entrepreneurs, an offensive incubation program and guidance from international mentors.

The media industry has over the last years experiences a rapid technological development, and increasingly higher demands are made related to being able to change and reorganise oneself. This makes the conditions favourable for creative and solution-oriented entrepreneurs. It is more important than ever to exchange experiences and ideas across companies and industries in order to handle the challenges in the best possible way, and BTO will help overcome these challenges with the opening of Mediekuben.

Mediekuben will be a unique place to start a new company. Here, entrepreneurs will gain access to the best expertise available and a network that is priceless when starting a company in the media industry, says Hilde Indresøvde, Manager for Incubation and Acceleration in BTO.

In the heart of Media City Bergen

Mediekuben is the first Norwegian incubator for start-ups from the media and technology industry. Both established companies in the initial phase and entrepreneurs who want to start a company are highly welcome to apply for a membership. In addition, there exists some seats suitable for well-established companies who want to be a part of the innovative and dynamic environment in Media City Bergen.

Together with entrepreneurs, all of the major players from the extensive media industry in Bergen will move into Media City Bergen. This includes NRK, Vizrt, Vimond, TV2 and Bergens Tidende. This offer startups with a unique opportunity to cooperate with established industry exploring tomorrows solutions. We believe that the co-location lowers barriers for dialog and cooperation, and that it will lead to creative and novel solutions to the industry´s challenges.

Bringing in international mentors

As a startup, it is important to be followed up by qualified personnel. BTO has decided to bring in both national and international mentors to Mediekuben. Christy Tanner, General Manager of CBS Interactive, and Lisa Weinstein, CEO for Engine Group, are among a group of mentors with who works in the international media industry. They will, in collaboration with the BTO staff and an excellent group of Norwegian mentors, provide guidance and inspiration to members of the incubation program.

Media City Bergen is these days being prepared for the opening in August. Mediekuben will open in September and have an entire floor at its disposal, with facilities like social areas, meeting rooms, work zones, kitchen and printers arranged in order for the entrepreneurs to canalize all their focus on their ideas. In addition, counselling of different kinds, a unique network and essential contacts, not to mention the important contact with other entrepreneurs in the same situation and industry as oneself. We have 48 seats available from the beginning of September, and it is now possible to apply for a membership.

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