Heidi Lie Andersen, the winner of the Idea Competition 2018, on stage receiving applaus, flowers and a check in front of a full Grieghallen in Bergen.

Award-winning idea will ensure biodiversity

Invasive foreign plants pose a threat to biodiversity in Norway. Every year we spend billions of kroner on fighting the consequences of foreign plants and animals. A research group from the University of Bergen targets the problem trough an innovative research project that can solve serious challenges.

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Featured image for the post Norway’s first research center for clinical trials

Norway's first research center for clinical trials

National center for brain diseases awarded to Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen, by The Research Council of Norway (RCN). The center will perform groundbreaking research aiming to improve treatment for serious diseases on the central nervous system, such as MS, ALS, Parkinson and dementia. 

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Tor Ole Rognaldsen, Head of Venture, BTO

BTO to invest five million NOK in pre-seed

Innovation Norway has renewed its confidence in BTO and we are again picked out to invest pre-seed-capital. This time we will be able to invest 5 million NOK in exciting start-ups.

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Attendees at the meeting.

"Generation performance" with mental health issues

Mental health problems are a big public health-challenge. In September the InnoMed program gathered professionals from different fields within health to discuss what we can do about the rapid changing in society and issues regarding children and teenagers mental health. Do we have the right solutions today, and since young people are especially vulnerable, do they get the help and…

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