Pittman with the award.

Professor in biology receives prestigious innovation prize

Karin Pittman and her company Quantidoc have received the Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award for their method to monitor the slime barrier on fish. BTO has contributed to the establishment and development of Quantidoc.

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Diffuse picture of people talking, with the GEW-logo on top.

See you at Global Entrepreneurship Week!

In November the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is celebrated all over the world, including Bergen. BTO is responsible for hosting the event in Bergen together with other institutions, and this year one of the main goals is to highlight entrepreneurship in big established companies.

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Bodil Holst receives the award for the Idea Competition 2014 at the annual conference of Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Win 300.000,- to the development of an innovative idea!

Sparebanken Vest and BTO gives researchers in Bergen a unique opportunity to win 300.000,- in the Idea Competition 2016. This can be the kick-start your idea needs. Fill out a short form to submit an idea today!

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Anders Haugland presenting BTO to Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance visited BTO

The Minister of Finance in Norway, Siv Jensen, visited Bergen Teknologioverføring Tuesday 13th September. The minister is currently working on “Perspektivmeldingen 2017” and asked us for input, with a particular focus on the restructuring of the oil and gas industry.

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