Beautifull view over Bergen.

The Bergen region is so much more than rain!

“There is so much happening in the region that it is easy to get blind or spoiled. This is why we need to tell the world about it”, writes Anders Haugland (Managing Director of BTO) together with Tor W. Andreassen (Center for Service Innovation (CSI)) and Monica Hannestad (Design Region Bergen).

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Jarl Giske speaks at HAVlunsj.

From global trends to local opportunities

What opportunities and challenges will the ocean industry meet in 2018? How can the co-location at Marineholmen generate increased value creation for the companies and research institutions in the area? These were some of the questions addressed at HAVlunsj 12th December.

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Students listening to information being given by Business developer at BTO.

StudentIdé off to a great start

StudentIdé, our brand-new innovation competition for students in Bergen, was launched at a kick-off in early December. Curious students learned more about the competition and how to participate. The prize, which is worth 50 000 NOK, seems to be tempting many as applications are already being submitted.

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Team TicketCo

TicketCo establishing successfully in the UK

If Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg were to predict the future in one word, it would be «growth». After two months in the UK they landed their biggest contract ever. Read about the company that started it’s journey in our incubator Nyskapingsparken five years ago.

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