Featured image for the post What’s a nuclear security major doing in a fashion start-up?

What's a nuclear security major doing in a fashion start-up?

The fashion industry is the biggest source of pollution, after oil. But what if you could use clothes as currency? In this way, you can update your style, for free – and also guilt free. Kristin Lerfald Grostad tells us her story of how her app Swancy came to be, and why you should jump on the clothes swapping trend.

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JET Seafood winning prize at Startup Extreme

Winning prizes at Startup Extreme

A brilliant night for the start-up environment in Bergen – where two of our members went home with prizes from this years competition.

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Earth Science Analytics receiving award from Subsea.

Subsea upcoming company of the year

This years winner of the Subsea award: Earth Science Analytics, use artificial intelligence and data analytics for petroleum geoscience.

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Featured image for the post Apply for Proof-of-Concept funding (FORNY2020)

Apply for Proof-of-Concept funding (FORNY2020)

Researchers in Bergen have the opportunity to apply for funding for research projects with a commercial potential from The Norwegian Research Council with help from BTO. Proof-of-Concept funding is a golden opportunity to obtain the funds needed to conduct testing, upscaling and continuation of your research project.

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