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Apply for pre-seed funding

Innovation Norway has awarded Bergen Teknologioverføring 6 million NOK in pre-seed capital. We are now ready to invest and you are welcome to apply for funding. Deadline is 5th September.

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Are you a student with an innovative idea?

BTO can contribute to your innovative student project, and help you bring your idea to the market.

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130 million to clinical treatment research

The regional health authorities have announced 130 million Norwegian kroner to clinical multicenter studies and comparative efficacy studies. The aim is to improve existing treatment procedures and/or develop/evaluate new ones.

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Nils-Eivind Holmedal, Malgorzata Barczyk and Steffen Boga are happy for the allocations.

Four projects receive verification funding

The Norwegian Research Council has allocated 35 million Norwegian kroner to four projects from BTO. The funding is important to continue the development towards verification of the projects.

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