Bodil Holst receives the

Win 300.000,- to the development of an innovative idea!

Sparebanken Vest and BTO gives researchers in Bergen a unique opportunity to win 300.000,- in the Idea Competition 2016. This can be the kick-start your idea needs. Fill out a short form to submit an idea today!

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Anders Haugland presenting BTO to Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance visited BTO

The Minister of Finance in Norway, Siv Jensen, visited Bergen Teknologioverføring Tuesday 13th September. The minister is currently working on “Perspektivmeldingen 2017” and asked us for input, with a particular focus on the restructuring of the oil and gas industry.

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Ralf Kellman at Møhlenpris

Algal toxins as a medication

In 2015 Ralf Kellmann from the University of Bergen applied for and received 6,5 million NOK in funding from the BIOTEK2021 program at the Norwegian Research Council. In an interview with the Research Council, he tells that a close collaboration with BTO has been crucial for the project.

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Hand with a pen writing on paper. PC in the background

Apply for pre-seed funding

Innovation Norway has awarded Bergen Teknologioverføring 6 million NOK in pre-seed capital. We are now ready to invest and you are welcome to apply for funding. Deadline is 5th September.

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