iSentio AS

The iSentio team: Øyvind Kommedal (Chief Medical Officer, MD), May Kristin Røen (Chief Financial Officer), Bjarte Karlsen (Chief Executive Officer), and Øystein F. Sæbø (Chief Technical Officer)

iSentio was established December 2005 by a doctor at the department of Microbiology and Immunology at Haukeland University Hospital, and two IT-specialists, together with BTO. The founders have developed an online application, the iSentio RIPSEQ, that dramatically improves the bacteria identification process. It produces accurate results up to 90% faster than existing methods, hence reduces hospital time and can save lifes.

Today’s technology and methods use 2-7 days or more to identify a bacteria, if even possible. The iSentio RIPSEQ online application t produces accurate results in just 5-8 hours.

This makes a faster and more accurate treatment possible for patients where identification time is critical, as in cases of Septicemia and Meningitis. In many cases this can save lives and in most cases decrease patient pain, drug side effects and number of days in hospital. The RIPSEQ method is useful when the samples are affected by antibiotics and anaerobe infections.

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