iSentio – a fast and precise online application for infection analysis

INSTITUTE: Haukeland University Hospital
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Today’s technology and methods use 2-7 days or more to identify a bacteria, if even possible. iSentio RipSeq is an online application that dramatically improves the bacteria identification process – the method used in RipSeq produces accurate results in just 5-8 hours. This makes a faster and more accurate treatment possible for patients where identification time is critical, as in cases of Septicemia and Meningitis. In many cases this can save lives and in most cases decrease patient pain, drug side effects and number of days in hospital. The RipSeq method is useful when the samples are affected by antibiotics and anaerobe infections.

The iSentio product portfolio include:

RipSeq Mixed
Through the use of advanced algorithms we can remove the need for culture and manual separation of the present bacteria prior to sequencing. This makes direct sequencing relevant for a broader range of clinical samples, including abscesses and pleural fluids.

RipSeq Dual Loci
Instead of identifying multiple bacteria in a sample, this method uses the advanced RipSeq algorithms to interpret a mixed DNA chromatogram obtained by multiplex sequencing of two different gene targets from a bacterium in pure culture.

Primary markets are worldwide hospitals and laboratories. Additional potential also in food, pharmacy
and insurance industry.

- Short bacteria identification time
– Ability to identify bacteria already dead because of antibiotic treatment
– Ability to detect bacteria not possible to cultivate
– Easy to use, Identify multiple bacteria at the same time.
– Use technology already at hand in most hospitals and laboratories

iSentio RipSeq can also be used to run dual loci sequencing in a single tube. For sequence based identification of bacteria in pure culture, the most commonly used target has been different part of the 16S RNA gene.

For some bacteria, the resolution of the 16S RNA gene is not sufficient to achieve differentiation to the species level. Sequencing of a supplementary target is then recommended. The RipSeq program gives you the possibility to sequence two targets simultaneously in a single tube. A supplementary target can therefore be included on a routine basis without increasing the number of sequencing reactions.

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