Establishing ACCEL for students

Students who have an idea they would like to develop further are now attending our newly established program. Through a combination of meetings, homework and guidance, they can develop their ideas to commercially viable products or services.


- I hope that this award can be used as an inspiration for others

This year awards from Helse Vest were handed out to scientists who have done a remarkable job with their cancer research programs.

Monica Mæland speaking at BTO's 10 years anniversary

A celebration of innovation and commercialisation

- Research and innovation will solve the challenges we are facing, said Monica Mæland during her speech at BTO the 22nd October.


- BTO has been stubborn and present

During BTO’s tenth anniversary our owners participated in a summit to discuss the past and the future of BTO. They all agreed that we have only seen the start of BTO, and they are committed to look ahead.

SIVA uten u tx

New owners increase level of ambition

Bergen University College and Siva have both become shareholders in Bergen Teknologioverføring AS. This means a stronger presence and increased ambitions for innovation projects in the Bergen region.

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