T41 – brand new community for entrepreneurs in Bergen

300 square meters and 22 work places designated for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. At the new innovation community of T41 the foundation is set for people with good business ideas to succeed in the market.


Learn how to write applications for Horizon 2020

It is important to be well prepared if you plan to apply for EU-funding. The Research Council of Norway now offers a free seminar on how to write a good application.


Encourages electronics industry to participate in project aimed at children

Regional newspaper Bergens Tidende recently published a story about Linus (3) who was severely scalded in an accident in his day-care. BTO now encourages the electronics industry to participate in a project aiming to prevent accidents like this.

Inven2 - HQ

BTO signed new agreement with Inven2

BTO has signed an agreement with Inven2, allowing researchers at University of Bergen to access, register and publish at Inven2 Biologics; a web-portal for licensing and purchasing materials from research laboratories within the life science area.


Bring your idea to the next step

ACCEL Subsea Next Step 2015 has now been launched. The program targets growth companies working with new products, services, business and/or spin-offs, and will help you to structure, specify and establish a strategy for your idea.

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