Holberg EEG strengthens their team

Holberg EEG experienced an exciting 2015, and has strengthen their team to face new possibilities in 2016.


One2Touch SlimType draws attention worldwide

Regular phone covers have one mission – to protect your phone. One2Touch has gone from protection to interaction with their new smart cover. The SlimType is the first smartphone Near Field Communication (NFC) cover with a keyboard.


BTO deemed tech partner at the Stormkast conference

The world is changing. How should companies on the Norwegian west coast face future challenges? Stormkast is a conference about the opportunities of tomorrow. BTO will be the official conference Technology partner.

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BTO will handle clinical studies

Bergen Teknologioverføring will from January 2016 handle clinical studies on behalf of owners’ Institutions and researchers.


Establishing ACCEL for students

Students who have an idea they would like to develop further are now attending our newly established program. Through a combination of meetings, homework and guidance, they can develop their ideas to commercially viable products or services.

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